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Udainagar pragati samiti- The first annual general body meeting

January 2nd, 2015


The first Annual General Body Meeting of the Udainagar Pragati Samiti (UPS), the pioneering Federation of women SHGs promoted by SPS, was held at the Baba Amte Centre for People’s Empowerment in village Neemkheda on the 25th of January 2009. UPS was registered on 25 September 2008 under the MP Societies Registration Act 1973. Around 3000 women SHG members and a 1000 others, who were mainly family and friends, attended the 4 hour-long meeting. Shri Shravan Garg, Group Editor, Dainik Bhaskar and Shri Champalal Dewda, the first ever Adivasi MLA of Bagli were Special Invitees to the event.
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