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Lok Muhim : On 15 December, 2010, Gram Panchayat Agrakhurd in collaboration with SPS organized a Jan Sunwain – a public hearing where about 1500 people participated.

December 31st, 2014

On 15 December, 2010, Gram Panchayat Agrakhurd in collaboration with SPS organized a Jan Sunwain – a public hearing
where about 1500 people participated. This was a culmination of a month long Lok Muhim or public campaign on
MGNREGA, an initiative taken by SPS to mobilize the Gram Panchayats to take MGNERA to the people. In a door-todoor
campaign, a direct dialogue was initiated with every household on their experience and understanding of their
entitlements under MGNREGA.
Rallies began from various pockets of the village and converged at a public place in village Agrakhurd. Women joined in a
huge number comprising of more than half of the gathering. Though the public hearing was planned for Agrakhurd
Panchayat, people from villages across several other panchayats joined in. Elected representatives, the media, concerned
functionaries and senior government officers were invited to the Jan Sunwain. In the gathering, Agrakhurd Watershed
Committee and SPS together presented the details of works undertaken under MGNREGA. Rs. 35 lakh was spent in the
watershed work where 30780 man-days of work was generated, benefitting 413 families from the village. Farm bunds
were constructed in the fields of 145 tribal farmers, along with 4 earthen dams and 3 farm ponds. Plantations and
agriculture improvement programme like NADEP composting were also undertaken. All documents related with
watershed work were displayed for public scrutiny.
But the highpoint of the event was that of people coming
out in the open to voice their grievances of MGNREGA
implementation by the panchayats. There were issues of
non-payment of wages, demands for job cards by many
who were left out, that payments at banks should not be
just once a week. Demands came from many tribal villages
in the Reserved Forest area to open work under
MGNREGA. Concerned representatives and officials
were reprimanded, at which they responded with promises
of rectifying the situations at the earliest. It was an
exemplar of real democracy in motion at the grass-roots.
One of the first event of its kind in the area, it was a day of
celebration, unity and oneness – drums beats resonated
and people danced through the rally to the Jan Sunwain.

Those present in the meeting included local MLA, Shri Champalal Devda, CEO of the District Panchayat, Shri
Shivnarayan Singh Chouhan, SDM of Bagli tehsil, Shri Radhe Shyam Choudhury, District Panchayat member Shri Gopal
Mujalde, Janpad Panchayat member Gangaram Dodve and Shri Bhowsar from Tribal Development Department, GoMP.
The meeting was also attended by Ms. Jyotsna Jain, State Advisor to the Supreme Court in Right to Food Case, Shri Rangu
Rao, Member, Central Employment Guarantee Council and Shri Pramathesh Ambasta, Member, Executive Committee,

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